We focus on the long view.


Our mission is the positive trajectory of our clients' families across multiple generations. While we engage in some single project work, our bread and butter is ongoing retainer-based relationships where we know your family, continually revisit your values and goals, and provide timely experiences and conversations to bring your family together.



Everything is custom.

We've designed a few frameworks for thinking about family and coaching values, and we've created a few packaged offerings people like, but being intimately involved in the unfolding of a family story is sacred work. And sacred is custom.


Production is on us.

Once a project is defined, we manage a series of designers, artists, illustrators, photographers, psychiatrists, coaches, filmmakers, printers, bookbinders, sculptors, engravers, event coordinators, and whomever else is required to create the ultimate product or experience for your family.

We time our shots.

We maintain a holding pattern with things like annual family values reports, reviews of family proverbs, social time, and basic polite correspondence. And we work with you to engage in larger projects as the timing suits different members of your family.


It's all strictly confidential.

We serve prominent, private families and we know that discretion is as critical to our success as the prayer, craft, and generosity of spirit to which we devote ourselves daily. We retain no rights to the work, but we do keep copies of the files so we can help you make more later.