See where you stand, and where you're headed.


The big word in this effort is "location." Are we where we want to be? How do we move? How do the felt roles of one generation compare with those of another?

Terah was called to the Promised Land but only went half way. Abraham picked up and finished the journey. Isaac knew God as "the Fear" because he'd experienced the view, bound on an altar, as his father raised a knife to sacrifice the boy. Jacob was a sneak who robbed his brother's birthright. Jacob's sons sold their brother into slavery. Joseph suffered and saved his family. One family story – very different generational roles.

We'll consider the "location" in time among generations of your family. We'll plot different family members' perspectives on topics like obligation vs prerogative, or tradition vs vision. Same with issues of faith, institutional engagement, philanthropy, risk tolerance, and home life priorities. 

We'll also consider together which "flames" from one generation the next wants to proudly pass along, and which they feel called to firewall against ... which is another way of looking at "locations" within relationships. When we know where we are, we can decide where we want to go.