Guides for your family's story.


While the full Honor Group team is diverse and decentralized, brought together based on need, every project is led by, prayed for, and delivered by our principal partners.



Pete Gall

When it comes down to it, all we really have to offer one another are our prayers and our stories. That's where life lives and is passed along. That's what this work is about.

I've conducted deep interviews with well over 1,000 executives as part of my brand consulting work, where I've developed an abiding compassion for leaders who know exactly what "heavy is the head that wears the crown" feels like. Those leaders tend to understand, in ways that are usually more profound than what their followers ponder, that whatever you're doing with your days is what you're doing with your life. Any person (or brand, or family) that can't express why the work they're pursuing is worth a portion of their life is inherently underperforming and trading life away cheap. My reason for following these leaders home to serve their families is two-fold: the first is that I believe prominent families face greater and more warping pressures than other families. The second is that when prominent families function well, they have an outsized impact on others.

Serena Acker

What I value above all in life is story and connection. Strangers frequently pour their hearts out to me, even in the most unlikely of places. And I love listening to what they say – with their heart, rather than with their words – as they're drawn to new places, even when moving translates to significant sacrifices.

Love of this deep type of listening led me to training in spiritual direction as an adjunct to my writing efforts. Our lives are our stories, and I am sympathetic to other people's stories because of the arduous and deeply wounding paths I have experienced in my own life. I consider it an honor to journey with our clients as mentor and friend, encourager and prayer warrior.

Not everyone gets to say their job is also their calling, and their passion. I'm extremely pleased to call myself one of the lucky few.